Profit margin as an independent insurance agency is an important topic. As a potential agency owner, you want to understand all of the potential sources of income and ways that you could use to generate profits. Although an independent insurance agency certainly wants to help their clients by offering as many options as possible, the agency owner also wants to make intelligent decisions regarding the growth rate and which products are offered. These both impact the independent insurance agency profit margin.

In this blog post, you'll learn more about independent insurance agency profit margins, how they differ from captive agencies, whether profit margins for independent agents and captive agents are different, and how an independent insurance agency can increase its profit margin.

How Are Profits Different for Independent Insurance Agencies?

Independent insurance agency profit margins are different from captive agency profit margins in one primary way. As an insurance brokerage, an independent insurance agency can provide products from multiple property and casualty insurance companies. As an agency owner, you generate profits from commissions and profit sharing. Generally, you receive a more significant commission when the insurance policy is first sold. Then, as long as the client continues to pay on the policy, you continue to generate profits on the account. This highlights the importance of two specific points: the need to follow-up with clients for other needs, such as life insurance, and continuing a long term relationship with clients to keep them happy with your agency and generate referrals for agency growth. Organic growth helps you generate profits.

Are Profit Margins for Independent Agents and Captive Agents Different?

The profit margins for independent agents and captive agents can be different. Although independent agents can offer insurance products from several insurance companies, which can provide higher initial commissions, it can also result in more fees. However, captive agents can only offer products from the parent insurance company since they are not an insurance brokerage.

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It will cost you more for marketing as an independent insurance agent because you're not a household name. The captive agent does have the benefit of having a household name behind them. However, you do have the ability to make marketing decisions related to your independent insurance agency, which could help with agency growth, unlike captive agents who must receive approval from their parent company.     

How Can I Increase My Profit Margins as an Independent Insurance Agency?

As an independent insurance agency looking to increase your profit margin, it is essential to pay attention to your overhead. Everything you spend impacts the independent insurance agency profit margin. So, as an agency owner, you must be mindful of your spending. Yes, you should have a proper marketing budget. Yes, you should spend what is necessary to get your insurance agency running. Just keep in mind (again) that those deductions take away from your profit margin. Unnecessary expenses should be kept to a minimum.

Increase the number of property and casualty insurance companies you partner with to offer products to your clients. As an insurance brokerage, you have the unique ability to meet the expectations of other insurance companies. Once you meet their requirements, you can offer their products to your clients and prospective clients. The upside for your clients is that you give them more options that could be less expensive or provide more coverage choices. The upside for you is more commissions and agency growth.

Get involved in profit sharing. To do this, you must have a good book of business because profit sharing, in some instances, ends up being an "all or nothing" situation. If you're interested in profit sharing, it is best to partner with other independent insurance agency owners that you trust.

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Organic growth is much easier through online methods because you have better tools for targeting your audience based on the type of property and casualty products you sell. For example, you can sponsor a post on Facebook or Instagram for life insurance for as little as $5 to reach an audience interested in certain hobbies, certain events, or even live in a specific area. You could reach thousands of individuals for very little money.

A website with a blog is another easy and inexpensive way to increase your profit margin and improve organic growth. By writing about topics that interest your audience, you don't just educate them about your independent insurance agency and what you offer (although that should be a goal); you show them that you know about what's happening in the real world and why it is essential to keep what they love protected. In short, you show them that you're human. You also use keywords within the site and the blog posts to tell the search engines that you create quality content that people need to see.

As an independent insurance agency owner, you don't ever have to worry about working alone. SIAA is here to help. We're in this together, and we invite you to join us! We offer profit sharing, mentoring, and more! To learn more about our resources or to join us, click here!