Want to Escape Captivity? Here’s What it Takes to Join SIAA

Why are you staying stuck in captivity?

Why are you staying stuck in captivity?

Do you show integrity and outstanding professionalism? Are you ready to start building something for yourself?

It’s time to go independent, and we make it easy with mentorship, support, and training.

After you contact us, we will:

  • Hold fact-finding meetings to find out your agency’s specific pain points and needs
  • Share everything we do for you and the costs
  • Answer any questions you have and address specific concerns
  • Help you fill out an application
  • Draw up a contract and start negotiations

Learn More About Our Requirements

If you’re just getting started on your path to independence, you’re considered a start-up, regardless of total insurance experience. 

If you’re just starting out as an independent agent, regardless of total insurance industry experience, you’ll come to SIAA as a start-up. All you’ll need is at least two years of P&C sales experience and enough capital to cover starting a business, which includes three to four months of living costs, start-up costs like office space, and membership fees when you join SIAA.

The application process is the same for existing independent agencies. The size of your agency is not important, but we’ll want to see loss ratios.

The membership process usually takes one to two weeks. Once we know you are qualified, we’ll start reviewing an agreement.

There is some additional information you’ll need to provide including:

  • A financial statement
  • A detailed marketing plan
  • E&O coverage
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • All proper insurance licenses


In addition, we will  run a credit check and background check.

Initial Training

After you become a member (congratulations!) you receive five to six hours of onboarding training. Once you’ve completed this, you’re good to go and can start writing business.

It’s a simple but thorough process and the benefits are beyond compare. There’s just no reason not to join SIAA today!

Initial Training

Join SIAA Today

SIAA knows firsthand how collaboration and support help independent insurance agencies grow.

Bring your passion and ambition, and benefit from our experience and expertise, alongside better profit sharing, potential partnerships with other members, and more. 

So start or help grow your independent insurance agency today – experience all the benefits of joining SIAA!

At SIAA, we believe that the independent agency system is the best way to serve the insurance needs of consumers. Our vision is to continue to grow and build the independent agency system by helping existing agencies thrive, not just survive, and by helping create new, successful independent agencies by providing them the ability to grow quickly and profitably while retaining their independence.