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“We have done the selling, running and owning a successful independent agency and live it every day.”
-Dan Skinner

“We have done the selling, running and owning a successful independent agency and live it every day.”

Inspired by the concept and success of the national organization, the Strategic Insurance Alliance, Southwest Insurance Alliance (SIAA) was formed in 2000.

SIAA was started to help local agents in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada to increase their independence with the support of a strong local and national organization. This means agencies of all sizes can take advantage of opportunities that are otherwise only offered to a privileged few. 

And, while most independent agents aren’t large enough to wield significant leverage with carrier companies, SIAA maximizes compensation for members with combined negotiating power. 

Additionally, SIAA provides valuable training and support to our members, helping them reach their organizational, retention, and sales goals. If you are a captive agent and want to experience the freedom of being an independent agent; or, if you are already an independent agent, and you have aggressive goals, we invite you to share your dreams with us.

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Our Values
Our Focus

Our Values

Our focus on our members’ success is a direct result of our family values. The Skinner family (Linsday, Vice President & General Manager; Brett, Regional Vice President; Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications; and, our extended work family) are deeply rooted in a service ethic. We know that SIAA’s success is directly related to our members’ success. This success principle permeates our entire business model. 

SIAA currently has 90 member agencies, and they expect to expand with at least 20 new agencies each year, so there’s plenty of opportunity for new members.

SIAA gives back. We volunteer individually and as a company in local non-profit organizations. We also support Families Helping Families Mexico, which helps young impoverished families work their way out of poverty and into a better life. We also support various breast cancer research and support organizations. 

“I’ve been in the business 43 years as an independent agent, and part of the value of being a member of SIAA is the knowledge and experience we bring to the table to help our agents as they make daily decisions about building and growing their agency.”

– Dan Skinner, President

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