SIAA Offers 5 Layers of Income for Your Insurance Agency 

SIAA gives you more income opportunities than other agency aggregators or clusters, including top tier commissions, regional profit sharing or fixed-value-based bonuses, regional bonuses, Portfolio Management Service Fees (PMSF) bonuses, and national profitability bonuses.

Grow even faster

Make More Money. Faster.

Because Southwest Insurance Agents Alliance belongs to the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, a national organization, we provide PMSF bonuses, based on new or total Written Premium (WP), ranging from 1% to 3%, allowing you to earn faster.

The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance national profitability bonuses range as high as 8%, and when you combine this with SIAA’s commission structure and regional bonuses, you’ll see faster growth and income as soon as you join.

The Low-Risk Way To Increase Income

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to your income. SIAA has the support you need to find new clients while providing excellent customer service, while providing members with access to income-building commissions and bonuses. 

Top Tier Commissions
Top Tier Commissions

SIAA members receive the best 
commission insurance carriers offer. 
Commissions are paid directly to your 

Profit Sharing
Profit Sharing

SIAA uses its size to get great profit-sharing deals with our company partners at a regional level.

National Profit Sharing
National Profit Sharing

SIAA members receive a second layer of profit sharing that no other groups receive. This second layer is paid in addition to the standard profit sharing that standalone agencies and other groups are eligible for.

New Business Incentives
New Business Incentives

Our region, which includes Arizona, 
New Mexico, and Nevada, negotiates 
unique deals for our members to earn 
more money on the business they write. 
For example, new business or growth 

Guaranteed Quarterly Bonuses
Guaranteed Quarterly Bonuses

We negotiate quarterly bonus deals 
guaranteed by the carrier without any 
profitability requirements. Losing out 
on bonuses because the group you join 
doesn’t qualify can be one of the most 
frustrating things for an agent. 

At SIAA, we believe that the independent agency system is the best way to serve the insurance needs of consumers. Our vision is to continue to grow and build the independent agency system by helping existing agencies thrive, not just survive, and by helping create new, successful independent agencies by providing them the ability to grow quickly and profitably while retaining their independence.


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