What we offer

In addition to all of the direct financial benefits of joining SIAA – regional and national profit sharing, supplemental commissions, bonuses, and incentives – we also offer our members discounts on various products and services.

These include special pricing:

  • From FedEx for shipping documents
  • From Staples for copying, printing and office supplies
  • On personal lines rating systems
  • On agency management systems
  • Websites, via Cloudbridge and Webtricity
  • LiftLocal, an SEO company
  • Lifelock, for your agency and your clients

These are discounts usually only available to larger agencies, but with SIAA, you become instantly BIG, with all the benefits that brings.


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Download our ebook to learn more about all of the benefits of joining SIAA. We offer our members opportunity, growth and success. We mean it when we say we’re the total solution for the independent insurance agency.