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Joining SIAA provides the support you need for success and prosperity. These are not empty promises – take a look at what our members have to say about their experience with us, and then join today and write your own success story!


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tai au

"I'm getting a bigger commission with SIAA, and then I'm getting partnerships that I wouldn't have received for the first few years. I'm able to grow faster with the help of SIAA."

steve miller

"SIAA allowed me to build my agency very quickly. So quickly in fact, in terms of income I was able to get in about two and a half years where I was when I left the captive agency after eight years."

irene ploski

"Compared with other networks or other aggregates SIAA gives us the most benefits. We get higher commissions than agents do with other clusters, we get more profit sharing, and the mentorship that we get with SIAA is another thing that has tremendous value for us. "

todd clarke

"I was referred to SIAA. I've had a great experience and they've done a terrific job in handling the things that I didn't want to do on my own as far as being able to help me get the right contracts and the right appointments. They've been a great support ever since."

rickey smithberg

"The bonus program with SIAA is spectacular. It's real money that comes in on a regular basis. And free money is good money."

frank cabasier

"The choices that you have with an independent agent far outweigh what you have as a captive agent. Or if you're a new agent just wanting to get started, I think this is the way to go. You've got choices. "

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The consensus from our members is clear: SIAA offers bigger commissions, better growth opportunities, and solid support. Their success stories make us proud of what we do. If you want to join them in their success, contact us today.

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Recommending SIAA

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SIAA was formed more than 20 years ago for one goal: To establish a large, regional alliance of local agencies.

Our glowing member testimonials are no accident. We allow local agents to increase independence while concentrating on producing profitable business, and at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities afforded only to large, regional agencies producing significant volumes of business. Explore all the benefits of SIAA membership and join us today!


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