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Jimmy Kelley, Elite Insurance Agency:

I joined because as a small agency I felt I needed to be part of something bigger.

Irene Courtney, Independence Insurance Group:

We do have the right carriers, we are a very profitable network of agents, but also the level of mentorship we receive is something that other clusters do not offer

Shauna Murphy, Alpha & Omega Financial:

After talking to Dan, especially with the profit sharing and stuff like that and the support and training, we were sold.

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Paul Schmidt, Accurate Insurance Agency:

As a captive agent, when my rates would increase, there was nothing I could do for my client, plus there was a lot of risk where they would not write, so being an independent broker allows us to write a lot broader of a spectrum, in addition to having the retention with our clients long term.


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SIAA was formed more than 20 years ago for one goal: To establish a large, regional alliance of local agencies.


Our glowing member testimonials are no accident. We allow local agents to increase independence while concentrating on producing profitable business, and at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities afforded only to large, regional agencies producing significant volumes of business.


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