Successful insurance agents know that getting happy clients to refer their friends (also known as referral marketing) is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to grow your agency. Existing customers are an insurance agency’s best asset to locate and bring in high quality leads - all you need is a good referral process to increase your lead generation.

Here are our top 5 insurance customer Referral Program ideas

  1. Referral Cards - Have some generic business cards made up with your agency logo, phone numbers, social media and other contact information. On the backside, write the name of your new client once they have purchased a policy.

    After a new sale, hand them 2-3 cards (with their name on it). Or, include it in a new client packet. Ask the client to hand them out and offer to give them a small token if the card shows up at the office from a referral. Maybe a lottery ticket or gift card to a local movie theater - something that will enhance the customer experience.

  2. E-Mail Signature - Include a comment with your e-mail signature to remind existing clients that you appreciate being referred, based on your service and attention. Recommend in the signature that they forward your e-mail with contact information to their friends and family.

  3. Ask your Client for Names of 2-3 Neighbors for Emergency Contact purposes. If your clients go on vacation, ask your client for the name of 2-3 neighbors and get their permission to contact them and explain that you handle their insurance. Explain to the neighbors that in the event of an emergency (house break-in, fire, etc.), they should call you so you can begin to help the client process a claim with their insurance company.

    The neighbors may be so impressed with your customer service that they will want to join your agency.

  4. Join A Referral Networking Group - Checkout or in your area. Better yet, start and lead one. It is extra work, but it will pay dividends as the group grows and diversifies.

  5. ASK! - Just plain ask. It is the simplest and most effective way, yet we forget and are content just to have a sale.