It is no surprise that the top priority of independent insurance agencies is the acquisition and management of access to insurance carrier markets. A good market access strategy is critical to serving your clients efficiently and providing value in a competitive marketplace. Many choices exist to help the independent agency gain access to markets, but one rises above the rest, Southwest Insurance Agents Alliance, LLC (SIAA). SIAA is not just an aggregator that offers strategic market access. With proprietary training programs and resources, SIAA is an all-in-one solution, partnering with the independent agent, to foster opportunities for learning, growth, and success.

With master agencies in almost every state in the contiguous United States, representing a network of more than 4,000 independent agencies and a singular focus on its business model, SIAA is dedicated to the growth of the independent agency distribution system.

A recent business metrics study revealed that over 50% of start-up independent agencies continue to succeed and thrive in the SIAA environment as mature entities many years down the road.


This level of accomplishment for start-ups is unprecedented in the business world and affirms the strategy of partnering with agents to increase their chances of success.

A bonus of having a diverse and broad mix of insurance markets and products available for your clients is increased customer retention. Aside from referral opportunities, single digit increases to customer retention rates can yield increases to a company’s profits by 25%-95%, according to research from Harvard Business School. Insurance agencies must always cultivate new customers, but it’s a commonly held principle that customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition. When you factor in that cross-selling additional lines of business, like life insurance or other personal lines, yields exponential increases to retention figures, the whole SIAA model makes perfect sense.

SIAA provides independent agencies with access to agency management systems, and a balanced blend of market access, business resources, mentorship, and training programs to enhance the independent agents’ ability to succeed well beyond that which they could have achieved going it alone.

SIAA – “Your Dream is Our Commitment"