QUEEN CREEK, AZ- Kody Houk and his agency PrimeRisk Insurance Solutions join SIAA!

As the owner of PrimeRisk Insurance Solutions, Koudy Houk founded his agency in September of 2020 with a focus on commercial lines, though they write personal lines as well. 

Houk came into the industry in 2017 as a captive producer. During his time there, he wrote a respectable amount of personal line premiums and led the state of Arizona in life insurance sales. He was in a very high net worth community and invested much of his time learning how to properly protect high net worth clients. In 2019, he took a position managing a small independent agency in Mesa, overseeing personal Iine sales in AZ and NM. Later that year (which was during the peak of COVID) he was advised that the company needed to cut costs and his only option to stay employed was to move to a sales role. With a few years of sales experience under his belt, he thought to himself, if I am going to sell, I’m going to build my legacy and not someone else’s. It was then that PrimeRisk Insurance Solutions (Originally The Houk Agency) was born. 

"Before I knew of SIAA, I had joined another aggregator after starting my agency. My experience with them was sign here, here are your carriers, we’ll take our cut every month, good luck! After hearing about SIAA in a podcast, I started doing some research and decided I’d reach out to schedule a meeting. I wanted to find out what the buzz was about! I spent some time with Brett and Dan discussing the challenges I had faced, and how SIAA could help me overcome those challenges. At that point, it was a clear choice where I needed to be. In my short time with SIAA thus far, I have received exponentially more training and support than I had in 2.5 years with my previous group. The future is bright, and I’m running into it with who I feel is the best group in the industry."

-Kody Houk

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