Captive agents work under a number of disadvantages. For one thing, they have a boss. For another, they’re stuck with a single carrier who might not have the best pricing or might not want to write that risky policy, both of which limit your income and opportunities for growth.

Independent agents who join SIAA realize the following benefits and many more:
  • Earn direct appointments where commissions are paid to you by the carrier!
  • Increased commission income, agency profit, and agency value!
  • Ability to compete with larger agencies and other forms of insurance distribution!
  • Bonuses from profit sharing and supplemental commissions with no minimum premium requirements!
  • Preferred company contracts!
  • Comparative rating software FREE for the first year, followed by discounted pricing!
  • Placement and quoting assistance for ALL lines!
  • Consultation on ALL aspects of agency management, including training with experienced personnel!
  • Attract quality producers with more carriers, improved automation, and HR assistance if needed!
Why do agents feel that SIAA is the right choice? “ Read on

Steve Griffin, Citizen’s Business Services & Insurance, LLC

“The people. The opportunity. Meeting Dan and meeting others, and meeting Lindsay, I knew there was an opportunity for us to grow, and the support. I could tell that when I first met all of you.” 



Stephen Fisher, The Insurance Team 

“I was researching when I first decided to become an independent, and I had some friends who were already in it and they were telling me how great it was, so I pretty much just went with their word. 

“I’ve had other friends that researched it and they have gone to other clusters and they continually call me and say what do we do with this? Or, how do you do this? And I say, the cluster has this or we do this with our cluster, and they’re like, we don’t have this. And after six months of always asking me questions, he finally quit asking me because he knew he made the wrong decision.”At SIAA, we believe that the independent agency system is the best way to serve the insurance needs of consumers. Our vision is to continue to grow and build the independent agency system by helping existing agencies thrive, not just survive, and by helping create new, successful independent agencies by providing them the ability to grow quickly and profitably while retaining their independence.

Paul Schmidt, Accurate Insurance Agency

“I was one of the top producers with Liberty Mutual for many years. Great company, however, rates are cyclical. When my rates would increase, there was nothing I could do for my client, plus there was a lot of risk where they would not write, so being an independent broker allows us to write a lot broader of a spectrum, in addition to having the retention with our clients long term.”

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