When you decide to join SIAA, and all requirements are met, it’s full speed ahead! But why should you? What does SIAA offer over independent agency clusters?

Simply: More.

SIAA is member-focused. We’re here to support you and help you succeed without telling you how to do things. You decide how to run your business. We give you achievement tools above and beyond what you can get alone or from any other agency alliance.

SIAA Membership Highlighted

The SIAA Advantages

  • SIAA Membership HeaderMake more money. If you can write profitable business you will earn more in bonuses than any cost to be a member. Nobody delivers more dollars than SIAA!
  • Ownership. You always own your business and your accounts and control those relationships. You own your agency!
  • Independence. Retain complete independence in your agency operation.
  • Clout. You’ll benefit from being part of the largest agency alliance in the country. The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance with $5.7 billion in written premium with agents in 48 states and Canada. No other independent agency alliance compares!
  • Growth. Grow your agency by learning best practices from the very best in the insurance industry. 
  • Experience. We how to help you achieve greater success in the independent agency system and we can also help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Mentoring – You’ll learn from experienced agents who have operated a very large independent agency for more than 25 years. We don’t just talk about how to do it. We have actually done it and continue doing it!
  • Value – We bring much more value to you in so many areas such as continuing education, sales training, discounts on automation, tools for planning, proven methods of operation, and much more!

This is just a very brief list of the benefits of joining SIAA. For details, take a look at our benefits page. And we can talk all we want, but our member agents are the ones who really count - check out the testimonials of some of the agents who have decided they wanted the SIAA advantage, and then join us today!