Not all insurance clusters are equal, as many of our members have found out by doing their own research. At SIAA, we offer an incredible array of benefits for those willing to escape captivity to become an independent agent who takes charge of their own destiny.

Just some of these benefits include:

  • If you can write profitable business you will earn more in bonuses than any cost to be a member. Nobody delivers more!
  • Increased commission income, agency profit and agency value!
  • Bonuses from profit sharing and supplemental commissions with no minimum premium requirements!
  • Preferred company contracts!
  • Comparative rating software free for the first year, followed by discounted pricing!
  • Placement and quoting assistance for all lines!
  • Substantial discounts for agency management systems!
  • Mentoring and consultation on all aspects of agency management, including training with experienced personnel!
  • Attract quality producers with more carriers, improved automation, and HR assistance if needed!
  • Consultation on mergers and acquisitions!

These are just a few of the reasons to join SIAA! Here’s what some of our members have to say:

Pete Pickett Pickett Insurance and Financial Services

“I kind of looked at the variety of companies they represent, the profit sharing. I really sat down and kind of interviewed Dan Skinner to really see what the benefits were, and after probably three meetings, and comparing him with other organizations out there, of which I will not mention who they are, but I really kinda did my homework.” 

“And I kept coming back to him. It has an up-front fee, but you know what, that fee has been paid for many times with the profit sharing and with the opportunity. Probably one of the biggest factors that I have is the assistance on the P&C line, and the assistance, especially, on the commercial line, business that I wasn’t incredibly familiar with, but it answered a lot of questions, it helped me eliminate some E&O issues right up front, and it also helped me find markets I probably wouldn’t have found or would have taken a lot more time to find, so it’s sped my productivity up.” 

Irene Courtney, Independence Insurance Group

“Before SIAA, I was working for an SIAA agent, so I was familiar with SIAA before actually joining, but before actually joining my agency I did some research of other clusters. And after talking to other agents as well who did some research on their own, I was really able to realize that SIAA was the best way to go.

“The level of mentorship we receive from SIAA is one of the biggest factors that led me to join SIAA. We do have the right carriers, we are a very profitable network of agents, but also the level of mentorship we receive is something that other clusters do not offer.”

Shauna Murphy, Alpha & Omega Financial

“We were actually producers for another agency in Colorado, and so when we bought out our book of business there, then we did an interview with another kind of group of agencies but saw the benefits after talking to Dan, especially with the profit sharing and stuff like that and the support and training, and we were sold.”

At SIAA, we believe that the independent agency system is the best way to serve the insurance needs of consumers. Our vision is to continue to grow and build the independent agency system by helping existing agencies thrive, not just survive, and by helping create new, successful independent agencies by providing them the ability to grow quickly and profitably while retaining their independence.

Join us today!